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Native American Related Books

Cherokee Ancestry
Resource Guide 

by Frankie Sue Gilliam, Cherokee Nation tribal member

A ‘How To’ research Cherokee genealogy with simple steps the beginning researcher can follow. A comprehensive guide which answers many questions. It is concise, easily read, and provides a wealth of important information.
It includes information about Cherokee people, history, historical sites, artists, reference & resource materials, maps, and much more.
$20.00 Order Now

After the Trail of Tears by William G. Mcloughin
Traces the social, cultural and political history of the Cherokee Nation during the 45 year period after its members were forcibly removed from their mountain homeland to Oklahoma. Explains how the Cherokees rebuilt their lives and society. ($23.95) Order Now

American Indian Foods
by Imogene Dawson, Choctaw Nation tribal member. Sixty-one Native American recipes collected by the author. ($5.00). Order Now

Arts and Crafts of the Cherokee - The source book on Cherokee arts and crafts. A guide to the material and procedures used for baskets, beads, stone, wood, etc. ($12.00).Order Now

Bivouac of the Dead Oklahoma National Cemetery by Karen Wagner. A collection of 30 plus biographies of people buried in the National Cemetery located east of Fort Gibson - from establishment of post through statehood. History of the cemetery with a brief history of the National Cemetery system.($10.00).Order Now

Black, Red, and Deadly-Black and Indian Gunfighters of the Indian Territories by Art Burton. Exploits of Cherokee Bill and other Black and Indian outlaws and lawmen in the lawless Indian Territory. Included are Ezekiel Proctor, Ned Christie, Sam Sixkiller, Ball Reeves, Dick Glass and many others($18.95). Order Now

"Bud" Ledbetter The Fourth Guardsman by Glen Shirley. The first and only detailed biography of James Franklin "Bud" Ledbetter deputy US marshal. Ledbetter was a former deputy sheriff in Johnson County, Arkansas where he was known to thieves and killers as one of "The Invincibles." He also served as city marshal, chief of police, and sheriff. The events of his career paralleled those of Bill Tilghman, Heck Thomas and Chris Madsen - the triumvirate of man hunters famed as the "Three Guardsmen" and are sufficient to distinguish him as the "Fourth Guardsman" of the Oklahoma frontier. ($22.95). Order Now

Buffalo in the Mall by Mollie Levite Griffis and Illustrated by Kim Doner. "A perfect book for children with a delightful smile on every page. ($13.95).Order Now

Chata - Choctaw Hymn Book by Imogene Dawson. Written completely in the Choctaw language. ($7.00). Order Now

Cherokee Ancestry Resource Guide by Frankie Sue Gilliam, Cherokee Nation tribal member. A ‘How to’ research Cherokee genealogy with simple steps a beginning researcher can follow. A comprehensive guide that answers many questions. It is concise, easily read, and provides a wealth of important information about the Cherokee people, history, historical sites, artists, reference and resources material, maps, dot coms, and much more. ($20.00). Order Now

Cherokee Cavaliers by Edward Dale & Gaston Litton - The 200 letters chronicle more than 40 years of history in the old Cherokee Nation - from Removal through the Civil War to Reconstruction - as recorded in the correspondence of the Ridge-Watie-Boudinot families. A valuable contribution to an intriguing phase of Oklahoma and Indian history. ($15.95). Order Now

Cherokee Dance - Ceremonial Dances and Dance Regalia by Donald Sizemore - Shows how to do the dances and make the clothing. ($24.00). Order Now

Cherokee Dictionary by Prentice Robinson Cherokee Nation tribal member (Cherokee Language and Culture). Easy to use dictionary written in English and the Cherokee Syllabary. ($25.00).Order Now

Cherokee Flash Cards - The Cherokee Syllabary and its phonetic tone are shown in picture for quick learning. ($12.00). Order Now

Cherokee History is a ten cassette book by Reverend Edmond Schwartze titled History of Moravian Missions Among Southern Indians. One of the most referenced books, much of this material was taken from diaries and letters of the times. A must for serious history and genealogy study. ($52.00). Order Now

Cherokee Made Easy by Prentice Robinson. Three cassette tapes with booklet in plastic album. Words and phrases given in English then repeated in Cherokee allowing time to practice. Easiest program of Cherokee study available. ($49.95). Order Now

Cherokee Study Course - A single cassette tape containing the material of a 16 week course. Easy to follow workbook with tests and answers. ($29.95). Order Now

Cherokee Messenger by Althea Bass. Biography of Samuel Worcester the major translator of the Cherokee language and was imprisoned for his steadfastness to the Cherokee cause. Lived with the Cherokee and served them from age 27 until his death. Six tapes ($29.95) Order Now

Cherokee New Testament - Written completely in the Cherokee language. ($20.00). Order Now

Cherokees Plants their uses - a 400 year history by Paul Hamel and Mary Chiltoskey - Plant uses for food, medicine, and religion make this a handy resource and guidebook of plants and formulas used by Cherokees. ($6.00). Order Now

Cherokee Roots by Bob Blankenship, Eastern Band of Cherokees tribal member. 

bulletCherokee Roots - Vol. 1 Eastern Rolls of Cherokees - Members of the Cherokee tribe residing east of the Mississippi River during the period 1817-1924. $15.00 Order Now
bulletCherokee Roots - Vol. 2 A listing of members of the Cherokee Nation residing west of the Mississippi River. The Old Settler rolls and combination index of the Guion Miller and Dawes Rolls. Drennen Roll family names are also indexed. $25.00 Order Now

Cherokee Sacred Calendar by Raven Hail. For the first time knowledge of the scared calendar of the Cherokee tradition provides descriptions for each of the 20 signs that identify characteristics of those born under a particular day sign. Readers can quickly determine which sign rules the day of their birth and which number has influence over it. ($12.95). Order Now

Cherokee Tragedy - The Ridge Family and the Decimation of a People by Thurman Wilkins. A portrayal of the Ridge family in the years 1790 -1840. ($17.95). Order Now

Cherokee Voices by Vicki Rozema

Depicts life of the Cherokees during the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century. First hand accounts of Cherokee life as told in journals, letters, speeches and official records of that period, many written by Cherokees. $10.00 Order Now

Corn Recipes From the Indians - Intriguing and useful Native American recipes. ($6.00). Order Now

Elias Boudinot Cherokee and His America by Ralph Henry Gabriel. Biography of the editor of the first Indian newspaper. Gives understanding of issues surrounding the removal. ($20.00). Order Now

Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding -The How To Book on the ancient art of Indian finger weaving with many easy to follow diagrams and photos. Sixteen projects with instructions. 50 sketches and several color photos. ($5.00). Order Now

Footsteps of the Cherokee
A guide to the eastern homelands of the Cherokee Nation. This guide book divides the Cherokee’s eastern homeland into 19 geographical sections and explodes, with photos and informative text, many of the historic sites in these areas. An overview of Cherokee history. $18.00 Order Now

Historical Sketch of the Cherokee - James Mooney’s history portion of the report sponsored by the Bureau of American Ethnology first published in 1900. A rich source of Cherokee history. Six tapes ($32.00). Order Now

How Cherokees Made Pottery by P.J. Gilliam Stewart
A children’s book reveals and illustrates how Cherokees and other tribes made pottery, showing their methods and designs, along with a legend about how the water spider played a role in pottery making. A character named Terrapin Potter tells the story. $10.00 Order Now

How to Make Cherokee Clothing by Donald Sizemore - A practical and authentic guide to making Cherokee clothing with detailed instructions and abundant sketches. ($24.00). Order Now

Indian Cookin’ - Native American recipes from many tribes. Spiced with quotations, poems, and Indian prayers. ($6.00). Order Now

Indian Doctor - Packed with information on plants, cures, preparations, etc. Great source on natural plant remedies. ($6.00). Order Now

Indian Food for the Body - Food For the Soul by Imogene Dawson. Whether you are a gourmet cook or a lover of poetry, art, and songs, this book is moving and powerful. Hundreds of Native American recipes, illustrated by Choctaw artist, Doug Maytubbie, music and gospel songs, and poetry by the author. ($26.95). Order Now

Indian Herbalogy of North America by Alma R. Hutchens 
This "bible" for herbalist is an illustrated encyclopedic guide to more than two hundred medicinal plants found in North America, with descriptions of each plant's appearance, uses and directions for use and dosage. ($25.00) Order Now

Indian Leaves, Lovers, and Loneliness by Imogene Dawson. A collection of beautiful poems by the author and illustrated by Cheyenne artist, Jerome Busyhead. ($12.95) Order Now

Jesse Chisholm, Trail Blazer Sam Houston’s Trouble-Shooter Friend, Kin to the Cherokee by Ralph Cushman. The author was in his early teens when he met Col. Andrew Jackson, son of Sam Houston. Over the years Cushman earned his friendship and collected personal information that formed the framework for this book. With encouragement of noted J. Frank Dobie and other historians at the University of Texas, he began a lifelong work on the neglected story of this unusual frontiersman. $17.95). Order Now

Legal Graft, Illegal Graft and Just Plain Stealin by Martin Hauan - The dynamics of Oklahoma’s County Commissioner scandal and other "graft and corruption’ that Hauan said he found "everywhere I looked." Hauan served as press secretary to Johnston Murray and Raymond Gary. He tells it like it is! ($19.95). Order Now

Making Indian Bows and Arrows the Old Way
For the beginning craftsman of tradition weapons, 150 illustrations and all you need to know to make and use bows and arrows the old way. Covers woods and tools, bow styles, reflex and curves, backing the bow, bow strings, arrows, cases and quivers, and shooting. $13.00 Order Now

Manard, A Local History by Jennifer Sparks, Cherokee Nation tribal member. Manard is located just inside Cherokee County on Hwy 62 eight miles west of Tahlequah (8 miles east of Fort Gibson). Great history of Cherokees and others who settled in this area. ($17.00). Order Now

Medicine of the Cherokee The Way of Right Relationship by J. T. and Michael Garrett. With stories that tell about the four directions and the universal circle, these ancient teachings also offer wisdom on circle gatherings, herbs, healing, and ways to reduce stress and find harmony and balance in our relationships. Assists in discovering your own medicine and returning to health, harmony, peace, and reconnecting with the Universal Spirit. ($14.00). Order Now

Myths of the Cherokees and Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees by James Mooney. Originally published by the Bureau of American Ethnology in 1891 and 1900, Mooney’s work is based on interviews with spiritual leaders and storytellers who keepers of the traditions. ($23.95) Order Now 

Out of the Flame - James Adair’s unedited writings about early Cherokee practices and religious customs. Adair lived 40 years among the Cherokee during the early 1700s and reported from his observations and their elders, includes his 23 arguments why the Cherokees are the lost tribe of Israel. ($29.95). Order Now

Plants of Power Native American Ceremony and the Use of Sacred PlantsThis book is a guide to the sacred plants traditionally used by Native Americans and other indigenous people. It is an excellent tool for those seeking to connect more fully with the mysterious world of plants, animals, and Spirit. $ 10.00 Order Now

Sacred Smoke The ancient art of smudging for modern times. Use this book to learn how to make smudge stick and identify, collect and grow a wide range of sacred plants for smudging. Includes information on additional sources for herbs including the Internet. $10.00 Order Now

Sacred Sage This book includes all you need to know about sage: identifying it, gathering it, ceremonial uses of it, healing with it, preparing and storing it. $6.00 Order Now

Sam Houston With The Cherokees 1829-1833 by Jack Gregory and Rennard Strickland - This book covers the most mysterious years of Sam Houston. The self imposed exile years he spent with the Old Settler Cherokees. ($14.95). Order Now

Secrets and Mysteries of the Cherokee Little People - Great art and writing about the Little People. Well researched from historic references and with many local stories. ($20.00). Order Now

Sequoyah Orphans Training School by George Cameron. Memories of the author who was orphaned in 1939 and placed in the school. ($20.00). Order Now

Seven Clans of the Cherokee Society - A source book on the Seven Clans of the Cherokee. All clan names are given in Cherokee and English. ($5.00). Order Now

Sunshine on the Prairie - The Story of Cynthia Ann Parker by Jack C. Ramsay, Jr. Cynthia Parker was nine years old when she was taken into captivity by the Comanches. She became the mother of the great chief, Quanah Parker. Ramsey recognizes the tragedy of her ‘capture’ and return to her long lost Texas family. ($18.95). Order Now

Terrapin Potter’s Woodland and Mississippian Art Coloring Book by P.J. Gilliam Stewart, author and illustrator $10.00 Order Now

The Catcher of Dreams by Dr. K. Mark Hilliard
A holistic approach to wellness therapy. The author, Mark Hilliard’s years of living among and studying Cherokee and Lakota tribes plays a significant role in the structure and content of this book. They are excellent guides toward a holistic view of spiritual and physical wellness. 
$18.00 Order Now

The Cherokee by David G. Fitzgerald
Cherokee is the first large format photo-essay book about the Cherokee people’s history and culture. One of this country’s most inspiring original peoples, the Cherokee’s poignant story is one that is difficult to believe: from their shameful treatment at the hands of the European settlers in the southeast and on into Jacksonian era, which vastly diminished their population; to their federal "Removal" in the early 1800's over the "Trail of Tears" to Indian Territory in Oklahoma during which a large portion of their people died. $39.95 Order Now

The Cherokees by Grace Steele Woodward - A comprehensive, well documented, easily ready history of the Cherokee people. ($19.95).Order Now

The Cherokee Full Circle by J.T. Garrett and Michael Garrett
A practical guide to sacred ceremonies and traditions. The Cherokee Full Circle gathers techniques representing Native American cultures from across America. Stories, exercises, and individuals and groups rituals to teach dynamics of right relations. The authors provide a comprehensive overview of Native Americans spiritual principles and traditions.
 $14.00 Order Now

The Cherokee Herbal by Michael Garrett
A practical guide to the medicinal uses of over 450 plants and herbs as applied in the traditional practices of the Cherokee. Includes traditional teaching tales as told to the author by the Cherokee elders. $15.00 Order Now

The Cherokee People by Thomas Mails
The story of the Cherokees from earliest origins to contemporary times. Mails, renowned researcher and writer has given us a sourcebook destined to be a classic on Cherokee history and culture. Sections on birth, marriage, death, government, medicine, religion, festivals, dress, dwellings, games, cooking, dance and much more make this a must book in you Cherokee library. ($34.95) Order Now

The Cherokee Perspective edited by L. French & J. Hornbuckle Here is your chance for a rare glimpse inside Cherokee culture and society through the eyes of the Cherokee, themselves. It contains material abut their education, history, culture, cooking, etc... $10.00 Order Now

The Dawes Roll Plus by Bob Blankenship. The 1898 Dawes Roll with Guion Miller information for those who were on both rolls. Surname, ages, addresses, relationship, Miller Roll number and Application number. All 36,714 Cherokee Nation citizens of Cherokee blood included. ($39.95). Order Now

The Guion Miller Roll Plus by Bob Blankenship. The 1909 Guion Miller Roll plus 1898 Dawes Roll. Includes accepted and rejected applications for Miller Roll, Dawes Roll number, Census card number, degree of Indian blood, and surname in 1898. ($39.95). Order Now

The Texas Cherokees by Dianna Everett. The Cherokee experience in Texas, their place in the colonization of east Texas and their role in the Texas Revolution in 1836. ($15.90). Order Now

The Trail of Tears - The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation by John Ehle. Historical novel of the tragedy of the Trail of Tears. ($14.95). Order Now

Tribes That Slumber by Thomas Lewis and Madeline Kneberg. You will learn about the Indians of Tennessee and North Carolina through an account of their progression from prehistoric to recent times. Ends with an exciting and accurate account of the Cherokees, and includes final chapter on Cherokee religion and the seven sacred ceremonies.
($22.00) Order Now

Voices from the Trail of Tears by Vicki Rozema
In Voices from the Trail of Tears, the actual participants give us a perspective on what happened during this infamous chapter in American history. $12.00 Order Now

Walking on the Wind Cherokee Teachings for Harmony and Balance by Michael Garrett, Eastern Band of Cherokees tribal member. A practical guide for finding help for life from the traditional teachings of the Cherokee. ($14.00). Order Now

Your Name in Cherokee - Contains over 1000 names of common usage translated into the Cherokee Syllabary and phonetics for ease in pronunciation. ($7.00). Order Now

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